Film producer is an equivalent word that may already be familiar to our ears. But do we know the producer’s job in film production? Sometimes people are confused about the difference between a producer and a director, even though their duties are clearly very different.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss and thoroughly discuss the producer!

What is a Film Producer?

Producer is someone who is responsible for managing and overseeing the process of making a film from start to finish. Producers are involved in all processes of filmmaking, from development, fundraising, pre-production, production, and post-production, until the film is distributed and meets the audience.

You could say the producer is the “Chief Executive Officer (CEO)” of a film. While the director is the “Chief Creative Officer (CCO)” of film production. The director and producer are partners who always work together. Some even call the relationship between the director and producer like a husband and wife relationship, referring to the closeness and shared vision between the two.

Producer Duties In Development

The idea of ​​a film can come from anyone, be it a producer, writer, or director. However, a producer will determine whether the idea will be developed further into a film or not.

Of course, with all the considerations, starting from an interest in the story, interest in the issues raised or seeing the business potential of the idea if it is made into a film later.

  1. Hiring Writers: If a producer is interested in an idea, the producer will work with the writer to turn the idea into a film script, and the writer will work under the supervision of the producer in developing the story.
  2. Budgeting: The producer will estimate the film production budget from the existing script draft for the need to raise funds for investors. Which will have a big impact on budgeting, fees for actors and crew who will be involved in film production, shooting locations, and the number of shooting days.
  3. Fundraising: When the script draft and budgeting have been completed, the producer will start looking for parties who have the potential to cooperate to fund this film project, either with other production houses, film studios, individual investors, corporate investors, or any party interested in the project. This movie. The producer will make an agreement with the parties regarding the return of capital and profit sharing with each party.

Producer Duties In Preproduction

Pre-production is the stage in making a film where the finished script is broken down for various purposes such as budgeting, scheduling, to categorization. Here’s what producers have to do:

  1. Budgeting: The Producer will work with the Implementing Producer to make a more detailed breakdown of the budgeting based on the final draft. It’s normal to have detailed breakdowns for crew needs, cast, location, day, camera and lighting equipment, artistic, clothing, makeup and hair, transportation, food and drinks, accommodation, to post-production needs.
  2. Forming a Team: The Producer will work closely with the Executing Producer to form a team consisting of crews from various departments, such as directing, production, casting, camera and lighting, artistic, clothing stylists, and post-production teams.
  3. Casting: Producers will work with the director and casting director to find suitable actors to act in the film. There are several considerations of producers in choosing actors, such as acting ability, compatibility with characters, popularity, and actor portfolio in previous films.

Monitoring Production Preparation: During the production, preparation process, the director will make the director’s treatment and storyboard. The producer will monitor and become a discussion partner of the director in the creative development process in preparation for production.

Producer Duties In Production

The production stage is the stage where the film script is translated into images and sound, or better known as the shooting process. In the process of filming, this is what producers have to do:

  1. Monitoring the Overall Production: During the shooting process, the director who will lead the crew and actors on the field, and the producer can monitor whether the shooting process is going well and according to plan.
  2. Discussion Friends: Sometimes during the shooting process, the director needs friends to share ideas in making a scene. The producer can be a good discussion partner for the director because the producer can provide another perspective.

Producer Duties In Post-production

After the shooting process is complete, all the shooting results will be brought to the post-production house (post-house). The image editor or editor will start selecting the results of the shoot and then assemble them according to the script. In post-production, here’s what a producer has to do:

  1. Monitoring the Post-Production Process: Producers can provide their opinion on the editing process, be it for storytelling purposes or other considerations for film sales.

Producer Duties in Distribution

After the film is finished, the producer will distribute the film, according to what was planned at the beginning, be it to domestic cinemas, film festivals, or OTT (Over-the-top).

Such are the tasks performed by producers from the beginning to the end of film production. Hopefully can get an idea of ​​​​the function of a producer in a film.

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