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Best Soccer Movies of All Time

“Soccer, celebrated as the globe’s foremost sport, surprisingly doesn’t dominate the cinematic world as one would expect. Yet, there are some cinematic gems where the essence of soccer shines brightly. Dive into our curated list of 10 films where the love of the game takes center stage.”

Goal! The Dream Begins (2005)

Tagline: Every journey starts with a dream.

Journey with Santiago Munez, portrayed by Kuno Becker, a young undocumented immigrant battling life’s odds in Los Angeles. His undeniable passion and aptitude for soccer catch the eyes of a talent scout. This twist of fate offers him a golden ticket to England, setting his sights on joining the esteemed ranks of Newcastle United. A return to the US is contingent on his success on the pitch. “Goal!” captivates its audience with an inspiring tale of perseverance, echoing the aspirations of countless youngsters. This film tentang sepak bola set the stage for its enthralling successors.

Green Street (2005)

Tagline: Loyalty, rivalry, and honor.

Dive into a side of soccer rarely spotlighted on screen: the fervent, and sometimes fierce, world of football fandom. Matt Bucker, played by Elijah Wood, is an American student wrongfully ousted from Harvard. Seeking solace, he finds himself in England, only to be ensnared in the intense realm of football hooliganism. In the US, the film goes by “Green Street Hooligans,” and paints a raw picture of the Green Street Elite – a fervent group associated with West Ham. As Matt becomes deeply entrenched in this world, he discovers a code of honor, camaraderie, and confrontation that challenges his every conviction. This gripping narrative offers a stark lens into the fervor and factions that once marred English football.

The Game of their Lives (2005)

Tagline: June 19th, 1950, Belo Horizonte, Brazil: A day in soccer history that defied all expectations.

Although the tagline hints at a face-off against the entirety of Britain, it was truly the English team that faced the unexpected. This film delves into the narrative of the 1950 US soccer squad that, defying every prediction, bested England with a groundbreaking 1-0 victory. Delicate glimpses into the fervor, dreams, and convictions of the individual players paint a vivid picture of a team united by destiny.

“The Game of their Lives” stands as a poignant testament to the spirit of the underdog, celebrating the extraordinary feats of seemingly ordinary men.

Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001)

Tagline: Tackling football, one misstep at a time.

Journey into the chaotic world of English football management with “Mike Bassett: England Manager”. The sudden demise of the previous manager sends the nation into a frenzy, searching for a fitting replacement. When many wisely sidestep the opportunity, the boisterous Mike Bassett, portrayed by Ricky Tomlinson, takes the reins, vowing to lead England to World Cup victory.

Boasting Tomlinson’s unmistakable comedic touch, known from “The Royle Family”, this film delivers laughs in spades. While it’s undeniably entertaining, one shouldn’t mistake it for a genuine portrayal of the intricacies of professional soccer management.

7 Types of Plot Twists in Movies

7 Types of Plot Twists in Movies

“Wow, this is a real plot twist!” Surely you have often heard the term plot twist? But do you already know what a plot twist means? And what are the types of plot twists in films? Let’s discuss it!

What Are Plot Twists?

A plot twist is a plot twist or twists in a story. In other words, a plot twist will present an unexpected storyline or even give a surprise effect. So that’s why the term plot twist is increasingly being used in everyday conversation.

Previously, we released articles about 3 things to pay attention to in making plot twists and 6 films with the most epic plot twists. If interested, click on the link right away.

Okay, now we discuss the types of plot twists in films. There are at least 7 types of plot twists that we often encounter. Anything? Let’s discuss them one by one!

Types of Plot Twists



Anagnorisis means “discovery”. This type of plot twist occurs when the protagonist suddenly recognizes/realizes something about himself or about another character. Examples of films: The Sixth Sense (1999), The Others (2001).

False Protagonist

As the name implies, a false protagonist or false protagonist is a type of plot twist whose plot leads the audience to believe one of the characters as the protagonist of the story. However, at one point in the story, it turns out that this character is not the protagonist.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus ex machina is taken from the Latin for “God out of the machine”, meaning an unexpected event or help from God that suddenly appears and helps characters who are in trouble, without considering the elements of cause and effect.

The Game


An unexpected solution that turns things around, and usually benefits the protagonist. Peripeteia is similar to Deus ex Machina, but the difference is that with Deus ex Machina, Peripeteia must be in a logical framework (cause and effect) that already exists in the story. Example of a film: The Game (1997).

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

Poetic justice occurs when a character is rewarded or punished for his actions. Poetic justice is often used for stories that want to give an element of sweet revenge to the role of the antagonist. Example of a film: Scream (1996).

Knives Out

Red Herrings

Red Herring’s plot twist is oriented toward misinformation. The audience is led to follow information in the wrong direction, and is not aware of it, until it is revealed. Usually uses fake clues to keep the audience guessing. Examples of films: Knives Out (2019), and Murder on the Orient Express (2017).

Unreliable Narrator

A narrator who seems to give a story that contains the truth, so that the audience is made to believe throughout the film. In the end, the audience knows that all the stories mentioned by the narrator are wrong. Examples of films: The Usual Suspect (1995), and A Beautiful Mind (2001).

Top 7 Actors Who Played Both Superheroes and Supervillains

Top 7 Actors Who Played Both Superheroes and Supervillains

Taking on the role of a superhero can be a huge stepping stone for an actor. Especially superheroes for big parties like the Marvel and DC.

When an actor succeeds in executing a superhero role that he takes on, their name will always be associated with that fictional character. However, being trapped in just one superhero typecast can bore both the actor and his fans.

Therefore, it’s always interesting to see our favorite actors also appear in various other roles, even though they are also popular as superheroes. Even more interesting, is seeing superhero actors play villains or villains in other films or rival studios. Here’s a list of Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC superhero actors who also gave their best performances as antagonist characters in other Hollywood films.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans’ image as Captain America is one of the most iconic in modern pop culture. Especially in the MCU superhero fan scene. Play as Steve Rogers, an American soldier appointed as a super soldier to fight in World War II.

The magnanimity of Steve Rogers has been the main quality that made him chosen to wield great power. Until finally joining the Avengers to continue his mission to maintain peace in society.

When he was still in the middle of various MCU Phase 3 projects, he also played in other films. His role as Hugh Ransom Drysdale became an iconic one in the mystery thriller film, “Knives Out” (2019). Where he appeared as an arrogant rich kid, he managed to irritate the audience with his sarcastic comments.

Recently he also played the main villain, Lloyd Hansen, in the latest Netflix action film, “The Gray Man”. Every time we see Evans appear as a villain, we can see him having fun acting after being a benevolent superhero for too long.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

The quality of Christian Bale’s acting is no longer in question. He was already famous even before he became Batman in the Batman Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. He also managed to become one of the favorite Batman among DC fans.

Recently Christian Bale was also praised for his appearance as the villain in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Gorr. Bale could be one of the actors who won’t be typecast in the modern superhero universe. He is truly a chameleon actor who is skilled at executing various types of roles. Christian Bale is also famous as Patrick Bateman, a wealthy psychopath in the comedy thriller, “American Psycho” (2000).

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson received resistance from DC fans when he was announced to be the next Batman in a film directed by Matt Reeves. However, after “The Batman” came out, he joined Christian Bale in the Batman lineup which was met with favorable reviews. Prior to playing the edgy young Bruce Wayne, Pattinson also played the villain in other films.

In “The King” (2017) he plays Louis, Dauphin of France, opposite Timothee Chalamet as the main antagonist. Pattinson is also one of the evil characters in the thriller film “The Devil All the Time” (2020).

Unmitigated, he appears as a hypocritical Reverend Preston and is guaranteed to irritate you. However, even though he has played many annoying characters in previous films, the proof is that we can still admire Robert Pattinson as the newest Batman.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is best known for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s modern version of the series. Since then, he has played more intelligent characters. Both superheroes and supervillains with above-average intelligence.

For now, he is holding the title of Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, in the MCU. Since his debut in the MCU in his first film back in 2016, we’ve all fallen in love with this superhero actor right away.

Whereas previously he had also played as the main villain in “Star Trek Into Darkness” as Khan Noonien Singh. Even though in the film he becomes a clever villain who is hard to hate because he still looks cool. Benedict Cumberbatch also plays a character that is quite annoying and intimidating in the western drama “The Power of the Dog” as Phil Burbank has toxic masculinity.

Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh is one of the popular and loved actors as Clark Kent aka Superman. Routh played the iconic DC, superhero in “Superman Returns” (2006). Judging by his facial features and vibe, Routh does have the qualities an actor needs as Superman. Looks geeky with glasses as Clark Kent, but also looks manly and comical when appearing as Superman.

In 2010, he transformed into a villain in “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”. He became Todd Ingram, one stage with Brie Larson, who played Envy Adams. Todd Ingram himself is a bassist who has superpowers by being vegan. He became one of Ramona’s exes who became a barrier for the protagonist.

Unlike Clark, who is responsible for his strength, Todd uses his strength arbitrarily. Brandon Routh still looks cool even as a villain in the film.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Another popular superhero actor as Superman is Henry Cavill. This British actor played Clark Kent under the direction of director Zack Snyder. He debuted as Superman in the film “Man of Steel” (2013). He is also included in the ranks of Superman with many fans to date. Becoming Superman in “Justice League” and still waiting for the continuation of his solo franchise.

Perhaps many do not realize or doubt that Henry Cavill played a traitor in “Mission: Impossible – Fall Out” (2018) as August Walker. Just because he appears with a thick mustache, we are already confused by the appearance of Henry Cavill.

Reaping popularity again in the series “The Witcher”, Geralt of Rivia is actually a cold-blooded character who is the opposite of the superhero he plays in the DC universe.

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is an actor who is still freshly welcomed into the MCU as Moon Knight. He managed to steal the hearts of all MCU fans with his appearance as Marc Spector. Despite having a background as a mercenary and vigilante under the rule of Khonsu, Marc actually ended up as a superhero character in the Disney+ series, “Moon Knight” season premiere yesterday. Apart from being championed as Marc Spector, fans also love the sweeter figure of Steven Grant.

Does anyone still remember that Oscar Isaac played in “X-Men: Apocalypse” in 2016? In the film, he becomes the main villain, En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse. Coming, fortunately, is the end of humanity like the apocalypse.

He has also played as Blue Jones, the antagonist in “Sucker Punch” (2011). Where in the first reality he is a nurse in a cruel mental hospital. Meanwhile, in the second reality, he is a pimp who hurts the women who work for him.

Recommendations Movie for October 2022

Recommendations Movie for October 2022

There are many new films that will color this October. Both from releases in theaters to releases on streaming platforms. For the Indonesian film industry, there are always horror films every month of the year. But October is the month of horror, specifically for the western entertainment industry. There are many special horror releases that we can actually enjoy since last September.

Apart from the latest horror films, there are also the latest superhero films from Hollywood and locally. Here are a series of the latest films for October 2022, where we can save the date first!

Mr. Harrigan's Phone

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Craig (Jaeden Martell) is a young boy who befriends an aging billionaire named John Harrigan (Donald Sutherland). One time, Craig gave his cell phone to his best friend. When Harrigan died, Craig later found that he could still communicate with his best friend.
This film was produced by Blumhouse, it could be quite promising to watch. We can watch this mystery, horror film directed by John Lee Hancock on Netflix.

Release Date: October 5th

The Woman King

The Woman King

After being released in mid-September, “The Woman King” is finally ready to enter Indonesian cinemas this month. The film stars Viola Davis as Nanisca as the ruler of Dahomey, an ancient African kingdom in the 1800s. The group is protected by troops and female knights with fighting abilities.

One day Nanisca must prepare a new generation, train them to be ready to face Gen, an enemy from the west who wants to change their lives. So far, ‘The Woman King” is getting positive reviews by the media.

Release Date: October 5th

Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night

Welcoming Halloween Disney+ and Marvel Studio present “Werewolf by Night”. This film is based on the Marvel comic about werewolves. Through the official trailer, we can see that the film is executed in black and white cinematography and classic horror style.

Release Date: October 7th

Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive

Starring Mila Kunis, “Luckiest Girl Alive” is a mystery thriller film that will be released on Netflix. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Jessica Knoll, who also developed the script for this film.

Ani Fanelli is a successful writer who manages to have the perfect New York life. However, when he was working on a true-crime documentary project, he had to go through an investigation that forced him to delve back into the history of his old high school. Until finally made him question again all the decisions he had made as a teenager.

Release Date: October 7th

Don't Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling

Still buzzing with nasty rumors and scandals, “Don’t Worry Darling” will also hit local theaters this October. The film stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, and Olivia Wilde is also the director.

Set in the 1950s, a married couple, Alice and Jack move to a utopian community called Victory. Where all wives can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. While the husband is doing secret work. What is the job hidden by the men at Victory? Wives shouldn’t have to worry.

Release Date: October 12th

Black Adam

Black Adam

There are a lot of DC superhero movies that are in crisis so they won’t be released forever by Warner Bros. This year. For us DC fans who are disappointed, we can at least cheer ourselves up by watching “Black Adam” which will be broadcast in mid-October.
Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, “Black Adam” stars Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi, Noah Centineo and Pierce Brosnan.

Release Date: October 21st


Producer: Understanding and Duties in Filmmaking

Film producer is an equivalent word that may already be familiar to our ears. But do we know the producer’s job in film production? Sometimes people are confused about the difference between a producer and a director, even though their duties are clearly very different.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss and thoroughly discuss the producer!

What is a Film Producer?

Producer is someone who is responsible for managing and overseeing the process of making a film from start to finish. Producers are involved in all processes of filmmaking, from development, fundraising, pre-production, production, and post-production, until the film is distributed and meets the audience.

You could say the producer is the “Chief Executive Officer (CEO)” of a film. While the director is the “Chief Creative Officer (CCO)” of film production. The director and producer are partners who always work together. Some even call the relationship between the director and producer like a husband and wife relationship, referring to the closeness and shared vision between the two.

Producer Duties In Development

The idea of ​​a film can come from anyone, be it a producer, writer, or director. However, a producer will determine whether the idea will be developed further into a film or not.

Of course, with all the considerations, starting from an interest in the story, interest in the issues raised or seeing the business potential of the idea if it is made into a film later.

  1. Hiring Writers: If a producer is interested in an idea, the producer will work with the writer to turn the idea into a film script, and the writer will work under the supervision of the producer in developing the story.
  2. Budgeting: The producer will estimate the film production budget from the existing script draft for the need to raise funds for investors. Which will have a big impact on budgeting, fees for actors and crew who will be involved in film production, shooting locations, and the number of shooting days.
  3. Fundraising: When the script draft and budgeting have been completed, the producer will start looking for parties who have the potential to cooperate to fund this film project, either with other production houses, film studios, individual investors, corporate investors, or any party interested in the project. This movie. The producer will make an agreement with the parties regarding the return of capital and profit sharing with each party.

Producer Duties In Preproduction

Pre-production is the stage in making a film where the finished script is broken down for various purposes such as budgeting, scheduling, to categorization. Here’s what producers have to do:

  1. Budgeting: The Producer will work with the Implementing Producer to make a more detailed breakdown of the budgeting based on the final draft. It’s normal to have detailed breakdowns for crew needs, cast, location, day, camera and lighting equipment, artistic, clothing, makeup and hair, transportation, food and drinks, accommodation, to post-production needs.
  2. Forming a Team: The Producer will work closely with the Executing Producer to form a team consisting of crews from various departments, such as directing, production, casting, camera and lighting, artistic, clothing stylists, and post-production teams.
  3. Casting: Producers will work with the director and casting director to find suitable actors to act in the film. There are several considerations of producers in choosing actors, such as acting ability, compatibility with characters, popularity, and actor portfolio in previous films.

Monitoring Production Preparation: During the production, preparation process, the director will make the director’s treatment and storyboard. The producer will monitor and become a discussion partner of the director in the creative development process in preparation for production.

Producer Duties In Production

The production stage is the stage where the film script is translated into images and sound, or better known as the shooting process. In the process of filming, this is what producers have to do:

  1. Monitoring the Overall Production: During the shooting process, the director who will lead the crew and actors on the field, and the producer can monitor whether the shooting process is going well and according to plan.
  2. Discussion Friends: Sometimes during the shooting process, the director needs friends to share ideas in making a scene. The producer can be a good discussion partner for the director because the producer can provide another perspective.

Producer Duties In Post-production

After the shooting process is complete, all the shooting results will be brought to the post-production house (post-house). The image editor or editor will start selecting the results of the shoot and then assemble them according to the script. In post-production, here’s what a producer has to do:

  1. Monitoring the Post-Production Process: Producers can provide their opinion on the editing process, be it for storytelling purposes or other considerations for film sales.

Producer Duties in Distribution

After the film is finished, the producer will distribute the film, according to what was planned at the beginning, be it to domestic cinemas, film festivals, or OTT (Over-the-top).

Such are the tasks performed by producers from the beginning to the end of film production. Hopefully can get an idea of ​​​​the function of a producer in a film.

The Card Counter

The Film “The Card Counter” Highlights Card Counting Systems in Gambling

A former military interrogator turns into a gambler haunted by his past. All of this is told in director Paul Schrader’s suspenseful drama, “The Card Counter.”

The film “The Card Counter” features the figure of William Tell, played by actor Oscar Isaac. William Tell is a gambler who is adept at counting cards, as a chance to win at gambling. This ability he learned self-taught while in a military prison.

Now, as a gambler, his trademark is to bet small amounts and win naturally. One day he meets a young man who wants to take revenge for what happened to his family. He also tried to help the young man not to commit a crime by inviting him to gamble.

To get into his role, actor, Oscar Isaac learned about the art of playing cards or cardistry, specifically how to play a deck of cards. However, to be able to recognize the psychological side of his character more deeply, of course, requires further effort.

One of them is through a book called “The Body Keeps the Score” which was introduced by director Paul Schrader about trauma.

“What’s interesting is when I see the trauma that (William’s character) has caused, which is the result of trauma that (William) has caused other people. I’ve also watched documentaries that deal with the conflict over Leavenworth prison and what happened at Abu Ghraib (red- which is the background of the story in the film),” Oscar Isaac told the Associated Press.

Tiffany Haddish

Actress Tiffany Haddish who is famous through the comedy television series “The Carmichael Show” also plays in this film as a gambling agent named, La Linda. He didn’t know how to count cards himself, but knew people who could.

“Am I good at counting cards? No. Do I know that counting is going on (in the game)? Yes,” Tiffany Haddish told the Associated Press.

When comparing the world of Hollywood to the game of poker, Tiffany said that she was always taught to show facial expressions like poker players, who never show true emotion.

However, to the Associated Press, he admitted that he was a person who was always open and let people know his feelings. Especially when he needs help.

Tye Sheridan

The film “The Card Counter” also features actor Tye Sheridan, who is famous for the film “Ready Player One.” In this film Tye plays a young man who wants to take revenge for what happened to his family.

“I’m good at math. I think I got better at it when I was in school where I studied every day. Now being a poker player in movies, it’s an excuse for me to learn how to count cards,” Tye Sheridan told the Associated Press.

Director Paul Schrader himself said that research on poker was not too difficult and he could do it in one day. It would be a different matter if he worked on a film about horticulture, which, if he researched it could take a lifetime or even have no end.

“Poker isn’t hard to learn. I could do a lifetime of research or (if) do a film about horticulture. Poker can be learned in a day,” he told the Associated Press.

However, according to him to be able to play poker and card counting, one must have a mathematical mind.

“You have to be able to see all the cards and the chances of all the players. It’s a skill you can practice,” he said again.

The film “The Card Counter”, which was produced by the famous director Martin Scorsese, is now showing in America. Until now, the film, which also features actor Willem Dafoe has earned as much as 3.4 million US dollars.