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A Psychological Thriller About Love, Lust, and

The Games People Play

Tony Garnett’s novel, The Seductions of Lucy Foster, is a psychological thriller that explores the human condition.

Lucy Foster is an attractive, intelligent, 30-something millionaire. Her internet business is on the brink of a major expansion and Lucy will do anything to make it happen, including seducing the powerful 70-year-old, Lord Blayne.

With Lord Blayne on her side (and in her bed), Lucy’s success soars to unimaginable heights and her millions multiply rapidly. But Lucy wants more; she wants an obedient young lover, she wants a child and she wants power at the heart of the establishment.

A handsome young man, Jim, works as a builder at Lucy’s home and she decides to put him on a more permanent kind of payroll for her own pleasure. Jim is a plaything, a diversion to quell her loneliness, especially when he falls in love with her. But who will father her child and who will help her business?

Lucy balances her business life with her love life, thoroughly enjoying the game. But there’s one thing she can’t control. Her mother, in a mental hospital since her birth, harbors a secret so dark that its discovery could destroy everything Lucy has worked so hard to get.

Garnett’s debut novel is a superb psychological thriller that explores the best and worst in human beings.
With dark, sexual undertones, The Seductions of Lucy Foster keeps the reader hooked from page one to its stunning and surprising climax.

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