Screen • BBC • The Golden Vision

First transmitted: 17/04/68


The Wednesday Play

Alex Young is a small, quiet man. He looks delicate and tentative. But on a football field, when things are going well for him, he’s a giant. The tough men of Goodison Park catch their breath and their faces relax and open up when he touches the ball. Alex is not a bit flash. He is precise and elegant and subtle. Only sophisticates like Joe Horrigan really appreciate him. To them he is the golden vision. Joe and the men like him are married to Alex and the Everton team. It is a volatile marriage, but divorce is never even thought of. Life is football-to be talked about, dreamt of all the week and embraced on Saturday …

  • Producer: Tony Garnett,
  • Director: Ken Loach,
  • Writers: Neville Smith, Gordon Honeycombe