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Off-Cut: Kes – the football scene

After my last post, ‘Football is about family‘, I was asked ‘Do you have any memorable moments from filming the football scene in Kes?’ Here’s my answer…

 When we filmed the football scene it pissed with rain – all the time. Summer 1968 in Barnsley meant rain. No David Lean waiting months for the right weather for us. Get out there and shoot. OK for me – I could pop back into the dry when I wanted, but poor Ken and Chris Menges and the others just got soaked. I told them it was the glamour of showbiz. They cursed me.

It helped the scene, so Ken really liked it – all the kids, especially Dai Bradley, soaked to the skin, looking miserable, which was how I had actually felt every games lesson when I was at school.
Brian Glover, the games teacher, pissed me off. Half way through, we had to reshoot for continuity because he’d done his knee in. Suddenly had to wear a bandage. He’d gone off wrestling somewhere, after his day’s teaching. It’s what he did. I called him a pillock, but you couldn’t be cross for long with Brian, he was so funny.

No one had any idea it would live the way it has. Just shows you how many hated games afternoon!! I’ve written a chapter about the making of Kes in my new memoir, The Day The Music Died.




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  1. A great piece Tony, I remember talking to you about all aspects of Kes for my book, Life After Kes – and it was always a total delight! Simon
  2. Keith Orchard says:
    Just superb memories of wonderful days, and wonderful people !
  3. Julie says:
    Great scene. My dad is in it. Filmed at his school in Athersley South. 🙂