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Obesity and the NHS

Health is better than sickness; prevention is better than cure; traditional wisdom married to advancing technology is our passport to health.

Sugar is sweet. Like hard drugs it’s also an addictive.. Like alcohol, a little is poison, a lot is death. The bankruptcy of the NHS is serious. The destruction of human happiness, unto premature and nasty death, is avoidable tragedy.
All unnecessary.

Go to the Aneurin Bevan Memorial Lecture, Sick To Death, 2060 and see what happened. Happy ending.


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  1. bobby says:
    I’m going to say something very radical, so bear with me. There really is no need for the NHS as it is; an outlet for the distribution of Big Pharma’s snake oil (which distilled down, is “we can’t cure you, but we can manage your illness for the next 25 years, yes, our drugs have side effects, but we have drugs for that to…”). The only reason to have a some NHS is to have some really small units dotted all over the country to help repair broken bones and to do certain essential surgical operations.

    All illness is a deficiency of essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, certain fats and amino acids.

    For an example of this; see
    Youtube: “Super Juice Me” Jason Vale
    Youtube: “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”

    For an example of drug corruption and the suppression of numerous cures for virtually all illness, see

    the documentray “The Corporation” and why the world is a disaster and the utopian dreams of all those that progressed humanity:

    How is effects the health of the citizen world-wide….
    Proven Cancer Cure vs Corruption of The United States Government

    Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

    There are natural ways to recover from diabetes and all other conditions. It’s all the stuff that’s never been covered in Panorama (though there is a superb one for ’90s on the massive damage done by amalgam fillings poisoning children’s brains on a biblical scale.

    Besides, since the introduction of the internal market both the Beeb and NHS have been basket cases.