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Marine Ices by Tony Garnett

A young woman decides she can’t proceed with her life until she discovers the father she never knew. In the fascinating new novel Marine Ices, 18-year-old Havana leaves sunny California to fly alone to cold and dreary London. Though she was born in England, she knows no one there.

Havana is on a mission to discover the mysteries left behind by her father, a man who died when she was 3 years old. She knows that her life is on hold until she has caught up with her past, but even though her father is part of her, he is a stranger. Havana meets her grandmother, who reveals that her son was a complex man. Through her grandmother’s warmth and acceptance, Havana finds the part of her that was missing. In discovering her father, Havana now feels whole, and in doing so, opens herself up and falls in love.

Marine Ices is about the love of family, friends and romantic love. In this unforgettable story, love does conquer all … with the help of some ice cream.

ISBN: 978-1-60976-934-5

ISBN / SKU:1-60976-934-1

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