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Free Love by Tony Garnett

Novel Takes a Trip Back to the ’60s Era of ‘Free Love’

The “swinging sixties” was a time of war, unrest, and sexual freedom. Roger is a retired history professor brought down by public scandal. Now living in exile in Provence, he was once a famous academic star as well as an admired advocate for women’s rights. Over the years he has grown fat and self-indulgent, but now seeks to restore his reputation.

Roger’s reflections take him back to the 1960s, when his life was devoted to sexual adventure with countless women, mostly young feminists drawn to his charisma and his principles fighting for their cause. He convinces his oldest friend and fellow retired academic, Clive, to write a biography that will restore his reputation.

In his research, Clive digs up more than Roger was counting on and finds skeletons that everyone thought were long buried. Lives are shattered as truths are revealed, for it seems that Free Love comes with a very high price.

Strategic Book Publishing – ISBN: 978-1-62212-280-6

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