The Parachute

Off-Cut: The Parachute

When I called David Mercer to ask him if he had something he was burning to write, he just said he had an image of a man on the end of a parachute. That’s all he knew. I called his agent, Peggy Ramsay, and put through a commissioning form. That was allowed in those days. As a producer I could commission a screenplay about anything from anyone. Producers were allowed some discretionary judgement.

Some months later a screenplay arrived.

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Play of the Month

Werner Reger , a young German officer in the Second World War. prepares to test a new parachute with his regiment for the ultimate benefit of his Führer. As he moves through the early-morning routine in the barracks and out to the tower for a jump, his mind travels in a series of flashbacks over the curious conflicts of his childhood and youth.

  • Producer: Tony Garnett,
  • Director: Anthony Page,
  • Writer: David Mercer