Daily Archives: January 29, 2016


The Wednesday Play

The time could be the immediate future. There is a smell of battle in the air; the possibility of violence. On one side 10,000 men are threatening unofficial strike; on the other is the combined weight of the Government, their employers, and their Trade Unions. This film was shot on location in Liverpool.

  • Producer: Tony Garnett,
  • Director: Ken Loach,
  • Writer: Jim Allen

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Google Tax

Jan 31 imminent. The day we own up to the tax man. But did you know MPs don’t even claim all their allowances? It’s immoral, apparently. Tax avoidance, joining illegal tax evasion, as unacceptable behaviour.

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The Aneurin Bevan Memorial Lecture, 2060

New technology wonder – just arrived, from the future. How do they do that? Here it is:


The founder of the NHS, Aneurin Bevan, died one hundred years ago.

Under him, after a long struggle, at last Britain had a health service free for all at the point of delivery. It was 1948, just after WW2, and it was a miracle.

The second struggle was seriously engaged around 2020.

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